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From White House to Dog House

Get ready for a satirical journey like no other with 'Stop Trumps.' This hilarious card game takes you on a crazy adventure through the weird world of failed superhero Donald Trump, where you navigate the most outrageous 'Trumpisms' and 'Deals' to win.

Manipulate, strategize, and deceive your opponents as you navigate a game that highlights the superhero pretensions of 45th President and depicts, in 52 unique images, his decline from self-proclaimed “superhero” to “superzero”.

Stop Trumps allows you to step into the shoes of the various Trump superzeros, who are all defined by real-life Trump events and incidents.

Gather your friends, family or you’ll discover that in this world “winning” comes with a twist of irony ad unexpected rule changes. Get ready to play your Trump cards…

Stop trumps cards

Revengers Assemble

Dive into the story behind the game, why it was created, and its tongue-in-cheek take on political satire.

Trump as terrible versions of the avengers

How to play hard & fast with

How to Play

What’s the goal?


Grab every card you can with your tiny hands.


Be the ultimate Trump trumper, snagging all the cards.


And leaving your opponents empty-handed, humiliated and SAD.

Trumped or Dumped

Check out our reviews!

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"Who knew political incorrectness could be so right? 'Stop Trumps' is my guilty pleasure!"

Jordan, 21,
Anti Establishmentarian

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"Stop Trumps' is my secret weapon for family gatherings. We've never laughed so hard while talking politics!"

Riley, 19,
Rebellion Enthusiast

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"I thought Trump couldn't get any funnier, but then 'Stop Trumps' happened! It's like political satire on steroids!"

Jenny, 23,
Professional Prankster


Is this game politically correct?
As politically correct as a Trump tweet!
Is this game suitable for all ages?
Depends. How early did you want to corrupt your kids?
Can I play this game with my conservative in-laws?
Sure! It might make for some awkward family gatherings in the future though...
Is there any strategy to winning “Stop Trumps”?
About as much strategy as there was in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Debates.