NFTs - Stop Trumps

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Small trump cards



Bag a satirical Trump NFT – the ultimate digital troll treasure.


Print: Score a limited $60 print for your IRL art collection.


Cards: Get your hands on a $30 limited-edition pack of Trumped-up cards.

The vision

At Planet Crypto, we craft a world where digital and physical collectibles collide, unleashing a satirical exposé of global political follies through our NFT and card game, Stop Trumps.

We embark on a daring journey, where Donald Trump is merely the inaugural figure in a boundless anthology of political parody.

Anchored in our anarchic, irreverent, and original style, we pioneer a space for collectors where mockery meets artistry, becoming an enduring tapestry of playful rebellion.

This is not a moment. It's a movement—positioning the mischiefs of politicians forever in the hands of collectors, one NFT and card game at a time.

Satire Unleashed!

Release Roadmap

STAGE 1 - Q1 2023


In this opening act, we release the first wave of Trumped Tokens NFTs to the world. Collectors and enthusiasts will have the opportunity to acquire their initial pieces of satirical art, setting the stage for a journey through the Trump era like no other. Get ready to own history with a twist of humor.

Flying Trump
STAGE 2 - q2 2023

Twitter Wars Unleashed

Building on the momentum, Stage 2 focuses on a series of NFTs that capture the most iconic moments from Trump's Twitter escapades. From infamous tweets to trending hashtags, these NFTs turn social media drama into satirical gold. Expect laughter and nostalgia as you collect these digital gems

Twitter Trump
STAGE 3 - Q3 2023

The Art of Absurdity

In the third stage, we dive deep into the world of Trumpisms – those memorable, sometimes bewildering phrases that became synonymous with the Trump presidency. Our artists reinterpret these sayings in ways that will leave you laughing and pondering the political circus.

Absurd Trump
STAGE 4 - Q4 2023

Presidential Encore

The climax of our release roadmap features the grand finale, a collection of NFTs that encapsulate the essence of the Trump presidency. From memorable rallies to unprecedented moments in the Oval Office, these NFTs provide a fitting conclusion to our satirical journey through history. It's the ultimate encore of political humor.

Farting Trump

Join Us on the Satirical Journey

Our roadmap promises an immersive experience through the Trump era, where satire takes center stage. Whether you're a collector, a history enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates political humor, Trumped Tokens NFTs will leave you entertained, enlightened, and engaged. Stay tuned as we unveil each stage, and be part of this unforgettable journey through satire and art.



Can I pay for these NFTs with Trump's discontinued casino chips?
We prefer blockchain over bankruptcy, but thanks for the offer!
How exclusive is owning one of these NFTs?
As exclusive as Mar-a-Lago's membership... just without the golf.
Is this NFT collection a good investment?
Our crystal ball is currently in the shop next to our moral compass, so buy at your own risk!
Is this NFT collection just a clever way to capitalise on political drama?
Ding, ding! Give that person a digital cookie!